We offer you in very popular prices full service of the video-photo, nuptials and formal dances held a hundred days before the school-leaving exams, baptisms, the Communion and other occasional parties.

Broad offer of video albums - to everyone we are tricking orders individually therefore we are discussing the length of the recording and other details at the meeting with you.

We are making outdoor sessions and the documentary photograph during the entire party.


In order to adapt the accurate offer to you we ask expectations for the light switch.

Television services


assembly of all forms of TV programmes, of documentaries, promotional, of advertisements - DVD, HD
realization of multimedia materials
drawing up the Polish version of films
providing sound, the musical setting of films
loading of the reader to films
loading of inscriptions to films
transfer of digital materials from digital carriers - HDV, DV mini, DVD, Blue-ray and of animation of display files to HDD disks, SSD.
mastering DVD, B