Quotation of the advertisement:

Own advertising film shown individually on the side advertisement - PLN 50.00. /1 day

Banner shown on the side advertisement - PLN 10.00. / day

Banner on sides - PLN 20.00. / day
Main page, live, News, News for you, Advertisement.

Production of the advertising film by Television Żory - 30s. to 1 min. - PLN 320.00.

Advertisement in News for you

30S film. at the beginning and ending of the episode PLN 100.00.

Advertising sponsorship

- of segment News for you with the banner through the entire stretch + film commercial PLN 250.00.

We are including the journey above 10 km.

All gross prices.

Television Żory a VAT isn't a payer. we are billing.

We are inviting cordially.